NHS Pay 2023-2024 Deal

After a series of “intense” discussions with health unions, the government has presented a formal salary proposal to NHS employees.

As per the proposed agreement, NHS employees in England would be granted a non-consolidated pay increase of 2% and a “Covid-recovery bonus” for the current fiscal year. Additionally, most workers would receive a 5% increase in 2023/24. The government hopes that, upon approval of the deal, all industrial action will cease throughout the duration of the agreement.

What is A “one-off” payment ?

All staff would receive a non-consolidated award payment, which is a one-time payment that does not count towards their annual salary. This payment would be subject to deductions such as tax, national insurance (NI), and student loan contributions. The amount of the payment would be calculated based on the employee’s base salary and would not include overtime or unsociable hours enhancements. For part-time NHS workers, the payment would be pro-rated accordingly. The exact date for this payment has not been confirmed yet.

NHS Pay 2023-2024 The pay rise.

If approved, the proposed pay increase would result in a consolidated raise of 10.4% for the lowest-paid NHS employees, while all other workers would receive a flat rate of 5%. The implementation of this pay increase is set for April 2023 and would be retroactively applied if the deal is ratified after that date.

Personal pay offer.

Use the table below to help calculate your personal pay offer of NHS Pay 2023-2024 . You can find out which Pay Point you are on https://nhspaybands.co.uk/

One Off Payment Pay rise
Point £% £%
Band 11£1,6558.2%£2,11310.4%
Band 21£1,6558.2%£2,11310.4%
Band 31£1,6857.8%£1,0865.0%
Band 41£1,7297.2%£1,1985.0%
Band 51£1,8917.0%£1,3525.0%
Band 61£2,0246.0%£1,6865.0%
Band 71£2,1835.2%£2,0835.0%
Band 8a1£2,3214.8%£2,4265.0%
Band 8b1£2,5734.6%£2,8085.0%
Band 8c1£2,7914.2%£3,3535.0%
Band 8d1£3,1423.9%£3,9795.0%
Band 91£3,5033.7%£4,7565.0%

Non-pay elements.

The government has pledged to implement various non-pay changes as well. This includes the publication of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, aimed at enabling the NHS to attract and retain its required staff in the future, along with an examination of safe staffing regulations, as stated by the Health Secretary.

Next Steps.

The government has made an “in principle offer” to the Agenda for Change (AfC) trade unions regarding NHS pay. The unions will now consult with their members regarding the offer, which is expected to take three to four weeks. During this consultation period, the unions have agreed to suspend all planned industrial action.


As part of the NHS pay deal, Agenda for Change staff in England would receive a one-time payment worth between £1,655 and £3,789 for the current financial year 2022/23. Additionally, there would be a 5% consolidated pay increase for 2023/24. The government has also committed to considering a new pay spine exclusively for all nursing staff to address challenges faced by nurses and nursing. The government has also pledged for the first time to develop a national evidence-based policy framework on safe staffing, focusing on registered nurses.

While it is not a comprehensive solution, the pay deal is a step forward in securing tangible progress for the nursing profession, the NHS, and the people who rely on it.